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Fnhon DB11: Frame and Fork

The time has come to build a new bike! For the year 2019, the major project was the Bike Friday Haul-A-Day, which is a really versatile cargo bike that I use to bring my kid out for rides. In the year 2020, I will start with a new folding bike project to replace my Dahon MuEX.

Why the need or desire to change the Dahon MuEX? It has been a very good folding bike, which has been customized to be a lightweight, high specification folding bike that rides really well. However, after a ride in the rain, that changed.

With V-brakes, the ride in the rain caused the rims to become really dirty with the residue from the brake pads. This is unavoidable, as long as you are using rim brakes (V brakes or caliper brakes) in the rain. I was so annoyed as I spent more time cleaning up the bike than the actual duration of the ride itself.

This can be fixed by avoiding rim brakes, which will cause brake pads to literally disintegrate in the rain. The brakes don't work so well in the rain, plus they mak…