Feedback Sports Pro Elite Repair Stand

If you are looking for a premium bicycle workstand, this is one of the best that is available on the market. There are many other cheaper workstands available, but they are of different quality and strength.

For working on normal bicycles that are less than 15 kg, a budget workstand, such as X-Tools is sufficient for the job. I have been using the X-Tools workstand for the past 8 years and it works well. However, when a heavier bicycle is fixed onto the clamp, the whole workstand tends to bend alarmingly. Also, the spline engagement for fixing the angle of the bicycle is not very robust as the plastic teeth cannot engage securely.

The main reason for getting this Feedback Sports Pro Elite repair stand is to work on the Bike Friday Haul-A-Day. Being a heavy cargo bike, it demands a strong and robust workstand to withstand the weight and the stress. Let's see what makes it different from all the other workstands!

The Feedback Sports Pro Elite workstand is mainly made of aluminium tubing, making it strong and lightweight. It is rated for up to 38 kg of load due to the strong structure and tripod base.

Folds down nice and compact, similar to other workstands.

Red anodised aluminium, with a brushed finish that looks really nice.

It can stand on its own, even when the tripod stand is not deployed, making it easy for storage.

Weighs just 5.4 kg! Quite a bit lighter than most other workstands.

Steel quick release clamp to secure the tripod legs when deployed. Feels very high quality compared to the plastic clamps used on entry level workstands.

Wide tripod legs ensure stability in all directions.

Knob to allow adjustment of the clamp angle, and also to lock it in place. The aluminium knob feels very strong and spins smoothly.

Mechanism to lock the arm of the workstand to the vertical pole.

Arm of the workstand. This arm can be rotated to any angle, to clamp the seat post or the bicycle frame at your preferred working angle.

Red plastic jaws to clamp the seat post or bicycle frame. Or your handlebar or steerer tube if you need to cut them.

To secure the clamp, just push the end of the jaw inwards, and tighten it with the knob at the end. To loosen, you can do it quickly by just pressing the red triangular button to release the jaws.

Maximum height of the workstand! So far, I can't think of a scenario yet where I need to clamp something so high up.

Although this workstand is pricey, it is a really high quality workstand that feels and works really well. It is lightweight and folds compactly, enabling it to be carried around easily. It is also strong and rigid, and does not bend much even when holding the heavy Bike Friday Haul-A-Day cargo bike. The adjustment levers and knobs feel premium and work very smoothly, especially the knob for securing the arm to the vertical pole.


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