Canyon Endurace: Panaracer GravelKing SK Tires

After reviewing the DT Swiss G 1800 gravel wheelset, now we need to select the correct gravel tires to fit the Canyon Endurace. As mentioned earlier, the Canyon Endurace is not designed as a gravel bike, but since it has a pretty generous tire clearance, I think it is possible to convert it into a light gravel bike with a change of wheelset.

The challenge now lies in selecting the widest gravel tire that can fit into the frame. As you may already know, the actual tire width will differ from the claimed tire width, depending on the width of the rim. A very good example is the Continental GP4000 tires mounted on the Reynolds Assault wheelset. The claimed tire width of 28 mm has an actual tire width of about 32 mm when mounted on the wheels with internal rim width of 21 mm.

Continental GP4000 28 mm tire + 21 mm rim => 32 mm actual width (+4 mm)

Plenty of tire clearance at the front fork around the 32 mm wide (actual width) GP4000 tire.

Since there is no bridge between the seat stays for a caliper brake, there is plenty of tire clearance here as well.

To further complicate things, different tire manufacturers may have different standards for indicating tire width. A 28 mm wide tire from manufacturer A and B may be different.

With all that in mind, I tried to estimate the final tire width as best as I could, with limited information. The smallest frame clearance on the Canyon Endurace is between the chain stays, which has a maximum width of about 40 mm as measured.This means that the widest tire that I can safely fit is probably about 36 mm, with a 2 mm margin between the tire and the frame.

With 32 mm wide tires, there is about 4 mm of clearance between the tire and the chain stay on both sides.

The DT Swiss G 1800 rim has an internal width of 24 mm, which is considered wide even by gravel wheelset standards. If I were to get a 35 mm wide gravel tire, it is very likely that it will turn out even wider, making it too wide to fit on the Canyon Endurace.

Therefore, I needed a narrower tire width (as claimed by the manufacturer), which will turn out wider once installed on the wide gravel rims.

Based on some information from this discussion thread, I guessed that if I were to use a 32 mm wide tire (manufacturer claim) on the 24 mm rim, I would get something like 36 mm actual tire width.

32 mm gravel tire + 24 mm rim => ??mm actual width
Based on around 4 mm of extra width, I think the final tire width will be about 36 mm.

There are also many gravel tires to choose from, but based on many reviews, the Panaracer GravelKing SK tires seem to be really good and suits my purpose. There are tires with less knobs, but the grip does not seem to be sufficient. On the other hand, there are tires with really large knobs, but those are for muddy conditions, and I don't intend to ride in muddy conditions. My intention is to ride on unpaved trails in dry conditions or on actual gravel, therefore a tire with small knobs should be suitable. The GravelKing SK (Small Knobs) fulfills my requirements and it also comes in the width that I need.

Panaracer GravelKing SK Tires

Closer look at the features of the tire.

I chose the brown wall version, to have that gravel look. A black wall version would look almost the same as a normal road bike tire.

Claimed width is 32 mm, let's see what the actual width is once mounted. Max tire pressure with inner tube is 94 PSI. If it is used as a tubeless tire, the max tire pressure is 58 PSI.

Closely spaced knobs in the middle for lower rolling resistance, wider and angled knobs at the edges for better grip during cornering.

Each tire weighs 317 grams, which is quite lightweight for a gravel tire, as GP4000 tires (28 mm) weigh about 266 grams each. This is mainly due to the folding bead which saves a lot of weight over a metal wire bead.

For now, inner tubes will be used. Schwalbe SV17 tubes can be used for 28 mm up to 47 mm wide tires, making it very versatile. This inner tube can be used for both the GP4000 and the GravelKing tires.

The SV17 inner tube with 40 mm valve weighs 154 grams.

Here is how it looks with the tires mounted on the wheels! I like the brown side walls which makes it look different.

Actual tire width is measured to be 35 mm, up from the claimed tire width of 32 mm.

Comparing the GP4000 tires with the new GravelKing tires. Looks totally different!

How the two different wheelsets will look with the different tires.

With an actual tire width of 35 mm, it will fit into the Canyon Endurace frame, with a clearance of around 2.5 mm on either side at the chain stay area. At other areas on the frame (seat stay, front fork), the clearance will be bigger which is no problem.

Panaracer GravelKing 32 mm tire + 24 mm rim => 35 mm actual width (+3 mm)

With the wheelset and tires settled, the next components to prepare would be the cassette and rear derailleur, to complete the gravel setup.


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