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Garmin Edge 530

Recently, my old trusty Garmin Edge 510 cycle computer stopped working, as it could not be turned on at all. Besides, all the rubber bits on the Edge 510 were disintegrating. Seems like a good time to get a new cycle computer, since I already had the Edge 510 for more than 4 years. Warranty coverage has ended long ago, and it is probably not worth repairing an old electronic device, when I can get a new one with much more features and better performance for a good price.

I considered getting other brands of cycle computer, such as Lezyne, Wahoo, and other smaller brands. However, based on ease of use, and also my preference for the Garmin ecosystem, I decided to get another Garmin. Besides, I have so many Garmin mounts that will become useless if I change to another brand of cycle computer. I have good experiences with Garmin and so I don't really feel a need to try out another brand. In fact, I also wrote a more in depth review on the Edge 510.

The latest Edge 5XX series is this Ed…

Feedback Sports Pro Elite Repair Stand

If you are looking for a premium bicycle workstand, this is one of the best that is available on the market. There are many other cheaper workstands available, but they are of different quality and strength.

For working on normal bicycles that are less than 15 kg, a budget workstand, such as X-Tools is sufficient for the job. I have been using the X-Tools workstand for the past 8 years and it works well. However, when a heavier bicycle is fixed onto the clamp, the whole workstand tends to bend alarmingly. Also, the spline engagement for fixing the angle of the bicycle is not very robust as the plastic teeth cannot engage securely.

The main reason for getting this Feedback Sports Pro Elite repair stand is to work on the Bike Friday Haul-A-Day. Being a heavy cargo bike, it demands a strong and robust workstand to withstand the weight and the stress. Let's see what makes it different from all the other workstands!

The Feedback Sports Pro Elite workstand is mainly made of aluminium tubin…

Canyon Endurace: GRX Rear Derailleur and Cassette

The most important change needed to convert a standard road bike to a gravel bike would be a new set of gravel tires. There is a huge difference when you ride a gravel trail on a set of slick tires, versus a set of gravel specific knobbly tires. I used the Panaracer GravelKing SK tires on a separate DT Swiss G 1800 wheelset, and it has worked well for me.

In order to have a separate gravel wheelset that can be swapped quickly with the standard road wheelset, it is necessary to have an additional cassette and disc brake rotors on the gravel wheelset as well. This way, the wheelset can be swapped in without adjusting or changing any other component.

In this case, a new cassette is needed on the gravel wheelset. If I were building a gravel bike from scratch, with a new frame, most likely I will go for a front single drivetrain, with a wide ratio cassette at the back. For example, a 40T chain ring with a 11-42T cassette at the back.

However, since I am modifying the Canyon Endurace to be a p…