Bike Friday HaD: Side Bags, Lights, Mudguards

Other than the accessories for carrying the child, there are also other accessories which are necessary for safety and comfort. On the Bike Friday Haul-A-Day cargo bike, there are massive side bags available for carrying cargo. These bags will also be useful when bringing the kid around, as their legs can slot inside the bags.

Big side bags by Bike Friday, which are specially designed for this bike. Weighs almost 600 grams for the pair.

Side bags mounted, one on each side. Other than hauling cargo, it also prevents the child's legs from touching the rear wheel.

When not in use, it does not add to the bike width at all. The widest part of the bike, other than the handlebars, will be the kick stand and wraparound bars.

The bags are ideal for the child's feet to rest inside, to secure the legs and help the child to stay balanced and upright.

These side bags can expand a lot, and can fit even a big school bag such as this.

When parked vertically, the side bags will more or less keep their shape. However, small items will fall out from the back as the rear of the bag is not fully covered.

When the bike is vertical, the holes at the rear of the side bag will allow items to fall out.

The side bags are super useful, as they can carry a lot of things with no fuss. Helmets, kick scooter, big bags, etc, no problem at all!

It is also good to install front and rear lights on the cargo bike, even though it will mainly be used in day time only. You never know when you will end up using it at night when it is dark.

There are many ways to mount a rear light, but I decided to mount it under the metal plate, using a tube to simulate a seat post. It is actually just a QR Axle Extender.

It is bolted to the metal plate via just one screw. Since it is hidden under the cushion, it is no problem.

This rear light is similar to the Moon type, but it is of the Entity brand, which is Polygon's own house brand.

The rear light wraps around the tube using a rubber strap, same as if it is strapped to a seat post.

Rear light is placed in a very visible spot, but it is also well hidden from damage, even when the bike is parked vertically.

Front light is a Moon Nebula W, which is bright and powerful, while also slim and lightweight. It straps onto the handlebar easily with a rubber strap.

Finally, the mudguards will also be installed. Weighs 452 grams for the set including all hardware.

As the SKS mudguards are from Bike Friday, they have been customized to fit the Haul-A-Day nicely, without any further DIY work necessary. Instructions for installation have also been included.

Front mudguard installed, with plenty of tire clearance. Spacers are needed under the bolts, to create clearance with the brake calipers.

Rear mudguard installed. Quite tricky to install with the rear wheel and side bags in place though.

As you can see, all these additional accessories will add weight to the bike, but it is necessary.


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