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Canyon Endurace: DT Swiss G 1800 Spline DB 25 Gravel Wheelset

The hottest and fastest growing bike segment right now is the gravel riding scene, with almost all bike brands producing their own gravel bike frames for gravel riding.

What exactly is gravel riding? To sum in up in one word: Fun!

Gravel riding! Picture from Scott Sports.
Gravel riding does not mean just riding on gravel, it is broadly defined as going off-road on a road bike. A gravel bike looks 90% like a standard road bike, with drop bars on a road bike frame. However, one key difference here is the type of tire that is used.

For gravel bikes that are designed to go for some light off-road, the tires have some rubber knobs for better traction when going off road, similar to mountain bike tires but with less aggressive treads. The tire width and thus volume is also much larger, from 32 mm wide to even 50 mm wide (2 inches!). Correspondingly, the tire pressure is also much lower, and many people run tubeless setups to improve puncture recovery and increase traction.

Other than the tires, …

Bike Friday HaD: Portable Tools and DIY Roller Wheels

Finally, to make the Bike Friday Haul-A-Day cargo bike ready for active service, I need to add some tools to make it self sufficient, in case something happens while out riding. Then, to make it easier to wheel the bike around when in the vertical position, I added some roller wheels to solve this problem.

There are many ways to carry tools on the bike, especially on this cargo bike where there is plenty of space. However, as far as possible, I want to avoid using the side bags, and instead fix the tools onto the frame of the bike itself, so that it does not fall out or need to be removed.

As saw earlier when studying the frameset in detail, there is some space at the rear of the frame where a bottle cage can be mounted. This is where a tool bottle can be stored, to hold tools and spares inside, using a bottle cage.

I had this Specialized SWAT EMT tool, for almost a year already. However, I did not get to use it as all my other bikes already have some sort of spares and tools system in p…

Bike Friday HaD: Side Bags, Lights, Mudguards

Other than the accessories for carrying the child, there are also other accessories which are necessary for safety and comfort. On the Bike Friday Haul-A-Day cargo bike, there are massive side bags available for carrying cargo. These bags will also be useful when bringing the kid around, as their legs can slot inside the bags.

Big side bags by Bike Friday, which are specially designed for this bike. Weighs almost 600 grams for the pair.

Side bags mounted, one on each side. Other than hauling cargo, it also prevents the child's legs from touching the rear wheel.
When not in use, it does not add to the bike width at all. The widest part of the bike, other than the handlebars, will be the kick stand and wraparound bars.
The bags are ideal for the child's feet to rest inside, to secure the legs and help the child to stay balanced and upright.
These side bags can expand a lot, and can fit even a big school bag such as this.
When parked vertically, the side bags will more or less keep the…

Bike Friday HaD: Accessories for Young Riders

The main purpose of this Bike Friday Haul-A-Day cargo bike is to bring my kid around, therefore a few other accessories are needed to make it child friendly. If it is just for hauling cargo, a different set of accessories will be needed.

These additional accessories are available from Bike Friday as a Younger Rider upgrade package, to make it easier to get what you need. I think it is also slightly cheaper if you get it as a package, instead of getting the parts ala carte style.

When I collected the frameset from MyBikeShop, they have already pre-installed the wraparound bars and the foot rests.
At the front of the wraparound bar, it is connected to the frame via this connecting bar.
At the rear, there is another bar that joins the ends of the wraparound bar to the frame, plus another cross bar that links the left side to the right side. This additional bar prevents the child from falling off the back of the bike.
Underneath the cushion is a metal plate, industrial style.
Here is how it loo…