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Bike Friday HaD: Final Assembly and Bike Dimensions

Finally, with all the components of the Bike Friday Haul-A-Day in place, I can complete the assembly and show you the complete bike! I don't have many pictures of the bike assembly process as the hands are busy fixing and adjusting the components.

For more details on the components of this bike, check out this page which has the links to all the previous posts about this Bike Friday Haul-A-Day cargo bike.

One of the decisions I had to make was to select the correct hole on the frame, to fix the length of the bike. This is one of the adjustable areas on the bike where the top tube length can be adjusted, which changes the handlebar reach, so that it can fit riders of different height.

Since this is a flat handlebar setup, I wanted to maintain the same geometry as the Dahon MuEX, which also has a flat handlebar setup that I am comfortable with. In this case, the measurement that I can use is the distance from the bottom bracket to the front axle.

Distance from bottom bracket to the fron…

Bike Friday HaD: Di2 Battery Placement and Wiring Layout

For a cargo bike such as this Bike Friday Haul-A-Day, the frame will always be longer than a standard bike. As such, the cable housing that runs from the handlebar to the derailleurs or the brake calipers will be longer than usual.

A longer cable housing always means more friction, which can cause poor shifting performance or decrease the brake performance. Using high quality inner cables or outer casings can help, but it will always be poorer compared to an equivalent setup on a standard bike due to the extra length.

On this bike, I am using hydraulic disc brakes, which means that the hydraulic brake hose will need to be longer than usual. As already described in detail in a previous post, an extra long hose is needed to reach the rear brake caliper from the handlebars. For this case, a longer hose may result in slightly spongier brake feeling on the rear brake, but it is inevitable.

As for the shifting performance, since I am only using a rear derailleur for a 1x11 speed setup, I do no…