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Bike Friday HaD: Thomson Elite Seatpost, Carbon Saddle, Hope Seat Clamp

As mentioned in previous posts, there are a few quirks of Bike Friday frames that makes it tricky to select the correct components for the bike. What I have found so far are listed here:

1) Handlepost clamp diameter is 25.4 mm, instead of the usual 28.6 mm of a steerer tube. In other words, a standard stem cannot be clamped directly onto the handlepost. Instead, a shim is needed to use a standard stem on the handlepost.
2) Front brake mount is non standard, as a 180 mm brake adapter is needed to use with a 160 mm diameter rotor.
3) Seat post clamp diameter is 28.6 mm, instead of the more common 27.2 mm, 30.8 mm or 31.6/8 mm. This means that the choice of seat posts are severely limited.

To elaborate more on the seat post clamp diameter, I am referring to the size of the seat post that will fit inside the seat mast, which is the part that is inserted into the frame.

Credit to MyBikeShop and Bike Friday, they actually provided a seat post shim, to convert the non-standard 28.6 mm diameter to…

Bike Friday HaD: Wheelset and Brake Caliper Installation

Previously, I had prepared the Ascent Bikes custom wheelset, tires, and the Deore XT brake calipers, to be ready for the Bike Friday Haul-A-Day frameset. Once the brake rotors and 11 speed cassette have been installed, the wheelset will be complete!

Let us now install the complete wheelset onto the frameset, hopefully there will not be any major issues.

This was the initial setup, with the 180 mm brake rotors. 
11-40T 11 speed cassette, roughly the same size as the 180 mm brake rotors.
Rear brake mounting is the post mount type, which matches nicely with almost all brake calipers. For a 180 mm brake rotor, an adapter (160 to 180 mm post mount type) is needed (not shown).

The front fork brake mount is the IS type, which means that an adapter to convert it to the post mount type is needed. As the IS mounting tab on the steel front fork is thin, the original bolt length for the adapter is too long. I added a nut as a spacer, so that the bolt does not stick out at the end and hit the rotor.

Bike Friday HaD: Frameset

Finally the Bike Friday Haul-A-Day frameset has arrived! After a long 4 month wait, the frameset is finally here. Many thanks to MyBikeShop for helping me to place the order and arranging the logistics to ship the parts from USA to Singapore.

As you can see below, I chose the colour Robin's Egg, which is similar to Bianchi Green that is used on Bianchi bikes. Without any further delay, let's take a close look at the frameset!

Front half of the frameset, which consists of the main frame, the fork and the handlepost.
FSA headset is already pre-installed. Mounting bolts for front rack can be seen here.
Front fork has IS brake mount, which is less common than Post Mount type nowadays. An adapter will be needed to mount the Deore XT 4 piston brake calipers.
Bottom view of the fork. The handlepost can pass all the way through to the bottom of the fork for height adjustment.
Top bolt is to adjust the height of the handlepost. Middle bolt clamps the handlepost to the steerer tube. Bottom bo…