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Bike Friday HaD: Ergon GS3 Grips, Handlebar and Stem

While waiting for the Bike Friday Haul-A-Day frameset to arrive, I had plenty of time to draw up a component list for the bike, plus source for all the components. In fact, it took 4 months for the frameset to arrive, after placing the order with MyBikeShop. It is due to the frameset being out of stock at Bike Friday, so they had to make the frameset first, before painting it and sending it out.

One of the decisions I had to make was the type of handlebar that I need. For speed, a drop bar is better, as it puts the rider in a more aggressive riding posture. In fact, even my commuting bike, the Fabike C3 is using a drop bar, to make it feel as close to a road bike as possible.

However, a cargo bike is very different, and I have read that using a narrow drop bar on a cargo bike is not ideal, as you have less control over the bike. For a single rider on a road bike it is OK, but with a longtail cargo bike, with plenty of weight at the back, a drop bar does not provide the necessary leverag…

Bike Friday HaD: Deore XT Di2 Rear Derailleur and 11-40T Cassette

The drivetrain of the Bike Friday Haul-A-Day cargo bike needs to be simple and robust, and be able to shift well even under load. Due to the heavier weight of a cargo bike (even when not loaded), it is better to have some lower gearing to make pedaling and climbing easier.

Although there is a front derailleur mount on the frame, I decided not to install a front derailleur, even though it will give me a really nice gear range with a front double drivetrain. This is to keep it simple, as I think a wide ratio cassette should give me sufficient gear range for the intended purpose.

I will not be going fast on a cargo bike, what I need is good low end gearing for climbing up slopes when carrying a heavy load. As such, a gear range similar to that of a mountain bike should be quite suitable.

My Polygon Cozmic CX3.0 MTB has a really wide gear range of about 18 to 80 gear inches, with a 11-50T 12 speed cassette. Adjusting the chain ring size will shift the whole range up or down, depending on you…

Bike Friday HaD: Deore XT 4 Piston Brake Components

On a cargo bike, the effective choice of brakes would be hydraulic disc brakes. This is for safety, as it is necessary to have sufficient stopping power when hauling heavy items or people. Especially when traveling downhill, it is critical to be able to stop properly, since the whole bike is dependent on the 2 small brake levers to apply sufficient brake power.

Mechanical disc brakes are less powerful, but they are easier to set up as it just needs a brake inner cable and brake outer casing, with no need for bleeding of the hydraulic hoses. Rim brakes are even less effective, and I don't recommend using it on a cargo bike, since disc brakes are easily available.

Brake power depends on a few factors, which are mainly the size of the wheels, the size of the brake rotors, and the type of brake caliper. Brake levers are not so critical as even the entry level hydraulic brake levers can work well and effectively.

For the Bike Friday Haul-A-Day cargo bike, it uses custom built 20" whe…