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Bike Friday HaD: Ascent Bikes Custom Wheelset and Schwalbe Marathon Tires

As you may already know, I am starting to build a cargo bike. One of the special requirements for a cargo bike is a set of wheels that can endure higher loads, since that is the purpose of having a cargo bike. The bike frame and the wheels have to carry an additional passenger or items, and so will need to be rated for the extra weight.

Standard bike wheels will not do the job, as they are not designed for heavier loads, therefore we need to look for a set of durable wheels. BMX wheels have stronger rims and many more spokes, due to the high loads exerted on the wheels when jumping off ledges or doing tricks. However, standard BMX wheels cannot support an 11 speed cassette as the hub is usually limited to single speed gears.

Since I want to run an 11 speed cassette on the cargo bike, I have to get a custom built wheelset that can support an 11 speed cassette, with strong rims and more spokes.

Ascent Bikes allow lots of customization of their bikes and wheels, and you can pretty much spec…

Ascent Bikes Road Crankset

For my new bike building project, I will be running a 1x11 speed drivetrain. As such, I will require a front single crankset, using a chain ring with narrow-wide teeth for chain retention.

I have already built a few bikes with front single drivetrains, and I usually use a Shimano road crankset. The road crankset comes as a front double setup, so I will remove both the outer and inner chain ring, and install a third party narrow-wide chain ring.

Examples can be seen here, on the Dahon MuEX, the Dahon MuSP, and the Crius AEV20. There are more examples, but these are the main ones.

As you can already tell, I like the Wolf Tooth Drop Stop chain ring, as it comes in a large variety of chain ring sizes, and most importantly, it has 4 arm variants that can be fitted to newer Shimano road cranksets (Dura-Ace 9000 series and newer). I have never ever had a chain drop from the Wolf Tooth chain ring, that is how good it is.

In summary, I would usually get a Shimano road double crankset, and remove b…

Polygon Cozmic CX3.0: SRAM GX Eagle Gripshift Setup

The Polygon Cozmic CX3.0 MTB gets yet another modification, so that I can try out different components! This time, it is the less common Gripshift that is made by SRAM. Most MTB shifters on the market are trigger type shifters, that are operated by thumb/thumb (SRAM) or thumb/finger (Shimano).

The benefits of trigger shifters is that you can keep a firm grip on the handlebars during shifters, as you only need to use your thumb and/or finger during shifting. However, the disadvantage is that multiple gear shifts take a bit longer as the shift lever needs to be pressed multiple times.

As for Gripshift, the whole hand is used to rotate the grip on the shifter, which also allows multiple gear shifts in both directions. The downside is a less solid grip on the handlebar as the hand needs to loosen the grip for shifting.

Most of the Revoshifters (Shimano) you see on the market are on entry level bikes, and also kids bikes, as it is easier for kids to shift compared to trigger shifters. They ar…