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SLX M7000 Front Single MTB Crankset

For those who are still running multiple chainrings on your mountain bikes, it is time to consider switching to a front single chainring! With the rapid rise in popularity and performance of 11 and 12 speed wide range cassettes, there are very few reasons to run a double or even a triple front chainring on a mountain bike any more.

On my old Polygon Cozmic CX3.0 MTB, which is already more than 6 years old, I have long since swapped from a front triple drivetrain, to a front double, then to a 1x11 speed and now a 1x12 speed drivetrain. When I switched to a front single drivetrain, I used an SLX FC-M7000, which is a front single crankset for MTB.

This crankset looks good, works well, and is quite affordable too! I see no point in getting the higher end Deore XT version just to save a little bit of weight. If I am not wrong, I think the SLX M7000 single crankset is one of the most popular specifications, as it is often out of stock online, while those that are actually in stock have relati…