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Ninebot by Segway ES2 E-Scooter: Handlebar and Power Modes

Well this is not a bicycle or bike component, but it is something that is similar in terms of function and usage. A while ago, I bought a normal kick scooter (Oxelo Town 7 XL), just to test it out and see whether it fits my usage or not. Although it is a nice kick scooter with full suspension and a rear brake that is hand operated, I found that having to repeatedly bend the knees to push off against the ground is not ergonomic or comfortable at all. On uphills, riding a kick scooter feels more tiring that just walking. On downhills it is fun, but most of the time it is used on flat ground.

As the Oxelo Town 7 XL was under-utilized, I sold it away. I also had a Carry Me, but it was also hardly used. A Carry Me excels in having a very small folded size, but the ride quality is way poorer than my other bikes. If I was going from Point A to B, I would just ride any of my other bikes, depending on the route. If I'm riding on road, I would just take my road bike or folding bike. If I'…

Ascent Bolt Mini Velo: Geometry Comparison + Ride Review

In the first part of the Ascent Bolt mini velo introduction, the general specifications and key features of the frameset was shown. In this second post, I will compare the geometry of the Ascent Bolt mini velo, and to see how it rides! Whether it rides well or not is very important, as a bicycle not just needs to look good, it should also ride well.

As the Ascent Bolt mini velo is a custom frameset (not by me, by Ascent Bikes), the bike geometry could be decided by the bike frame designer. Therefore, let's compare the geometry to see how it differs from other similar bikes.

I chose the Dahon MuEX to represent Dahon folding bikes, as I no longer have other mini velos. In a way, I like to use the Dahon MuEX as a benchmark for other small wheeled bikes. As both have a flat handlebar setup, and are small wheeled bikes (although different wheel size), they are similar enough to make a fair comparison.

As always, I align the bottom brackets of the bikes to each other, using it to set a dat…