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Java Neo 2 vs Dahon MuEX

How does the Java Neo 2 folding bike compare to other folding bikes? After introducing the main features and specifications of the bike in Part 1 and Part 2, let us now compare it with another bike. In this case, it is fair to compare it with a Dahon folding bike as both bikes are using 20" 406 wheelsets.

For comparison, I used the Dahon MuEX as that is the only 20" folding bike that I have currently. For those who know, the Dahon MuEX is a high end Dahon folding bike, with many top level and lightweight components. However, for this comparison, I will not be comparing the bike weight or components specifications, as components can be changed easily. Furthermore, it is not fair to compare the stock components of the Java Neo 2 to the upgraded components of the Dahon MuEX.

What I will compare is generally the bike geometry and size, plus other features such as ease of folding. The Dahon MuEX geometry will be representative of most other 20" Dahon folding bikes. First, let&…

Java Neo 2 Folding Bike: Introduction Part 2 of 2

Continuing from the first part of the introduction to the Java Neo 2 folding bike, let's take a closer look at the folding method and design!

The most interesting feature of this new folding design is the way the rear triangle is folded. On other bikes with folding rear triangles, the pivot will be located behind or in front of the bottom bracket, such as on the Brompton, the Birdy, the Bike Friday or the Dahon Curl. This is done for practical purposes, as locating the pivot away from the bottom bracket is much easier for manufacturing and design.

However, if the rotation centre of the rear triangle is not the same as the centre of the bottom bracket, there will be a change in chain stay length during folding. This is a major limitation for all these folding bikes, where an additional chain tensioner or chain catcher is needed to prevent the chain from falling off the chain ring during folding or unfolding. At the same time, installing a front derailleur on these kind of bikes with …

Java Neo 2 Folding Bike: Introduction Part 1 of 2

New folding bikes are introduced every year, but it is rare to see a new folding method that is different from previous designs. There are two main types of folding methods that are popular, which I will call the Dahon method and the Brompton method.

The Dahon folding method has a hinge in the middle of the main frame, plus a folding handlepost. Most folding bikes use this method, as it is simple and straightforward. However, it is not the most compact method.

Another type is the Brompton method, where the rear triangle swings below the main frame, while the front half of the frame is folded. A variation of this is seen on the Birdy folding bike and the Tyrell folding bike, where the front fork folds and tucks the front wheel inwards. This method is quite compact, but a chain tensioner or chain keeper is needed to prevent the chain from dropping off during folding.

This new Java Neo 2 folding bike uses a hybrid of these folding methods, plus some new ideas, to create a really unique fold…