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S-Ride 12 Speed MTB Groupset

Are you riding a mountain bike? What drivetrain do you use on your mountain bike? In recent years, the mountain bike drivetrain has undergone a huge shift, from the traditional front triple system, to the front double system and finally to the front single system.

Last time, a front triple was necessary, because the rear cassette had a relatively narrow range (11-34T was considered large at that time), and limited number of speeds (8 or 9 speeds). A front triple was necessary to get the range required.

When 10 speed drivetrains appeared, it also came with wider range cassettes such as 11-36T. This enabled a front double system to achieve a similar gear range as traditional front triple systems.

After that, 11 speed MTB drivetrains were created by SRAM, which had a massive cassette range of 10-42T, which is a 420% range just from the cassette alone. That meant a front single drivetrain is usually sufficient, except for really low gears or really high gears. If you really want a 2x11 speed…

Fabike C3: Assembly Part 3 - Adding Mudguards and Accessories

In this final part of the Fabike C3 bike build, I put on the finishing touches to make this bike a proper all-weather commuting bike. It already has the weather-proof Alfine 11 Di2 internal hub, Gates belt drive, hydraulic disc brakes, and the final component to make it fully weather-proof is a good set of mudguards.

Prior to installing the SKS Bluemels mudguards, it actually looks just like a normal road bike, as the geometry is similar. As already mentioned in the earlier post, these new version of mudguards have a much friendlier mounting method, as it is easier to adjust.

Fixing the mudguard stays to the front fork mounting point. Added 1 spacer to prevent the plastic portion from touching the carbon fork. A longer bolt (supplied) is needed.
As the tightening nut is on the outside, it is easy to adjust and tighten the nut, before measuring and cutting the metal stays.
The top part of the metal piece was filed away, from round to flat, to allow the front mudguard to be mounted higher f…