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Fabike C3: Handlebar Area and Di2 Wiring Layout

For the new Fabike C3, I decided to take the chance to refresh the handlebar area. I could actually just transfer over the whole set of handlebar, stem and Di2 parts from the Avanti Inc 3 over to this new bike, but I decided to make a new setup.

Previously, I was using a 42cm wide FSA drop bar, as I believe that the added width (over the usual 40cm) will improve the handling, especially on wet roads. However, I found that there was no big difference, and I would prefer the setup to be as close as possible to my Canyon Endurace road bike. So, I got a new 40cm wide drop bar for this new Fabike C3.
Instead of the usual FSA aluminium drop bar which is affordable and reliable, I decided to try a PRO aluminium handlebar, which is supposedly more lightweight. I did consider a carbon drop bar, but I could not find any good ones at a good price. If you remember, I had the carbon FSA K-Force compact drop bar, which was really lightweight at only 204 grams! In fact, it only cost me $120 each, and …

Fabike C3: Brake Calipers and SKS Mudguards

On this new Fabike C3 frameset, the brake caliper mounting is the Flat Mount type, which is neater than the older Post Mount or IS Mount types. I first used this Flat Mount type on the Canyon Endurace, which is well suited for road bikes due to the cleaner appearance.

Instead of getting new brake calipers, I decided to reuse the stock brake calipers that came on the Canyon Endurace. These are the non series Flat Mount brake calipers, the BR-RS805.

Flat Mount front brake calipers are easy to install, as the adapter is the same for both 140mm or 160mm rotors. Also, only one bolt length is needed. More details in this post.

As for rear Flat Mount caliper brakes, the bolt length is important, as it needs to pass through two holes on the frame. The depth of the holes can vary greatly between different frame makers, which is why different length of bolts may be needed for different frames, even though the brake caliper is the same.

The default bolt length that is included with the brake caliper…

Fabike C3: DT Swiss ER 1600 Spline DB 32mm Front Wheel

As I am transferring some of the components from the Avanti Inc 3 over to this new Fabike C3 frameset, some of the components will be reused. Examples would be the Alfine 11 Di2 rear wheel, the Dura-Ace 7900 crankset, etc.

For the front wheel, I had the choice of front fork. I could choose the Fabike C2 fork which uses a normal quick release axle, or the new Fabike C3 fork which uses the 12mm E-thru axle. If I chose the QR axle fork, I can reuse the DT Swiss R 24 Spline Disc Front Wheel which I got some time back.

However, I decided to use the latest standard, which is the 12mm E-thru axle. This means that I will need to get a new front wheel that uses a 12mm E-thru hub. At the same time, this would also make the front wheel compatible with the Canyon Endurace road bike, which also uses 12mm E-thru axle, with 700x28C tires. If there is ever a need, I can swap the front wheels between these two bikes.

Therefore, I needed to get a new front wheel, and my objective is to make it look simila…

Fabike C3: Eccentric BB, Headset, Rear Dropout

After studying the Fabike C3 frame and fork in the earlier post, let's take a more detailed look at the unique features of this frame. Being a belt drive compatible carbon frame bike already makes it unique, but that is not all. There are other interesting features of the frame that are rarely found on other bikes, or even exclusive to Fabike only.

For a belt drive or single speed bike, it is necessary to tension the belt or chain without a rear derailleur. The usual methods are to use a horizontal dropout, a sliding rear dropout, an eccentric bottom bracket, or an external chain tensioner. Regardless of the method, the fundamental idea is to allow adjustment of the chainstay length, or more precisely, the distance between the centre of the front chainring and the centre of the rear sprocket. Each method has its pros and cons, let's take a look.

Horizontal Dropout:
- Nutted axles are usually recommended, as quick release axles are sometimes not tight enough to prevent rear hub mo…