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Shimano Dura-Ace R9100 vs Ultegra R8000: 11-30T Cassette

The 11 speed 11-30T cassette is a very versatile cassette, given its relatively wide range (for a road bike) and still has sufficiently close ratios due to the 11 gears. Previously, when a cassette was just 9 or 10 speeds, it is not ideal to have a low gear of more than 28 teeth, as the gaps between the gears will get uncomfortably big. Now, with 11 gears, it is possible to have a low gear of 30 teeth or even 32 teeth without sacrificing the gear steps.

This 11-30T cassette can be found on the 11 speed road groupsets, which are the Dura-Ace, Ultegra and 105 series. The gear ratios are exactly the same (11,12,13,14,15,17,19,21,24,27,30), as first seen on the Canyon Endurace. Differences are the material used, the construction, the weight, the surface treatment and of course the price.

Let's compare the Dura-Ace R9100 cassette with the Ultegra R8000 cassette, both of which are the 11-30T variety. Why does the Dura-Ace cassette cost twice as much as Ultegra cassette? Is it purely due t…

Dahon MuSP: Final Assembly

Finally, after much effort, plus trial and error, the Dahon MuSP has been completed! This is a folding bike with 451 wheels, drop bar and caliper brake setup, 1x11 speed drivetrain with Di2 shifting, and internal cable routing. Let's take a look at the final product!

Drop bar setup, with Ultegra Di2 shifters
Bar end type Di2 Junction A for a neat appearance
Controltech stem used to mount the FSA Vero compact drop bar on the Fnhon T-shaped handlepost
During folding, the rear brake outer casing will be scratched by the hole edges of the frame. This is quite a serious problem as the metal coil can be seen...
Di2 battery located behind the seat tube. The Di2 wire runs from the battery mount to Junction B (hidden inside frame), together with the rear brake cable through the same hole in the frame.
Top view of the battery location, which is hidden between the seat stays.
Di2 wire to the rear derailleur exits from the right side seat stay.
Blue Wheelsport Smart 1.0 451 wheelset, with Panaracer M…

Dahon MuSP: Assembly Begins

In the first post about this Dahon MuSP folding bike, one of the requirements was for a blue wheelset. The overall colour scheme for the bike is thus black with blue accents. Other than the blue Wheelsport Smart 1.0 wheelset, it will look nicer if I can find some blue bits to add some colour to the bike.

However, blue parts are hard to find! Most of the custom colours are red, silver, black or silver. Very few blue parts are available. I managed to find some blue Litepro chainring bolts, to use on the front single crankset.

For this bike, other than the blue wheelset and the blue chainring bolts, I wanted to change the seatpost clamp and the headset to blue colour. This would be similar in idea to how I wanted to add red colour to the Dahon MuEX last time.

There are only a few sources with blue parts on Taobao, and you will not know if they really have it in stock, until you actually order it. Therefore I just have to try my luck and place the order...

Blue seat post clamp is available! L…

Dahon MuSP: Handlebar Setup for Di2

For the Di2 setup on the Dahon MuSP, it will be mostly an internal routing setup. The stock Dahon MuSP rear brake cable and rear derailleur cable are internally routed through the frame, giving a clean appearance.

Using the same concept, the new rear brake cable and also the rear derailleur Di2 wire will be routed internally through the frame. How about the cable routing at the front of the bike?

The usual set up on a road bike is to have a Di2 Junction A situated under the stem, with the shifter Di2 wires connected to this Junction A. This is the stock condition on the Canyon Endurace.

However, this is not a conventional bike, and so the usual Di2 wire routing is not advisable. On the Dahon MuEX, which is also a folding bike, there is a display screen on the handlebar, so the shifter Di2 wires will be connected to the display.

Also, in keeping with the internal routing concept, I would like to keep the Di2 wiring as neat as possible, which means hiding it internally where possible. With …