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Dahon MuSP: Di2 Shifter and Rear Derailleur

One of the highlights of this new Dahon MuSP is the electronic shifting setup. It is not the first time that I am setting up Di2 electronic shifting on a folding bike, as I have already done it before on the Dahon Boardwalk and Dahon MuEX a few years ago. However, what is new here is internal cable/wire routing for this Dahon MuSP frame, which increases the challenge quite a bit.

Prior to getting these electronic components, I already had the Dahon MuSP frame in hand, in order to study how to set up and assemble the Di2 components onto this frame. I have a plan in mind, but this will be shown in a later post. Only after that was I able to get the required Di2 components, as the set up is rather unconventional.

For this post, let's take a look at the main electronic components, which are the Di2 rear derailleur and the Di2 shifters.

The Ultegra Di2 R8050 rear derailleur is new, as it is a Shadow type road rear derailleur, much like the Dura-Ace R9150 version on the Canyon Endurace. At…

Dahon MuSP: Crankset and Cassette

On the Dahon MuSP, a front single setup will be used. This means a 1x11 speed drivetrain, which is sufficient for everyday casual riding. My preferred front single crankset would be a Shimano road crankarm with Wolftooth Drop Stop chainring.

From my experience, the 105 5800 crankset is a great choice for setting up a front single crankset. The 105 right crankarm (340 grams) is just slightly heavier than an Ultegra right crankarm (325 grams), but is quite a bit cheaper. However, I want to install a full Ultegra groupset, and not mix the components. Therefore, I still decided to use the new Ultegra R8000 crankset for this setup, even though it is more expensive.

Ultegra R8000 crankset, with the chunky right crankarm as seen here. Similar to the Dura-Ace R9100 crankset used on the Canyon Endurace.
Right crankarm weighs 325 grams, which is only a little bit lighter than the 105 version.
Wolftooth Drop Stop chainring, 46T. This is larger than the 44T chainring which I used on the 451 Wheelspor…

Dahon MuSP: Wheelset, Tires and Brakes

Moving on to the second part of the Dahon MuSP build, let's check out the wheelset, tires and the brake calipers.

As I have already used on many bikes, the Wheelsport wheels are a good combination of weight, price and performance. Also, they come in a variety of specifications (406 or 451 size, 74 or 100mm front OLD, rim or disc brakes) and also colours, so they can fit almost any bike you want.

Dahon MuEX: Sunny 406, 74/130mm, Black
Dahon Boardwalk: Smart 1.0 406, 74/130mm, Gold
Crius AEV20: Smart 1.0 406, 74/130mm, Black
Wheelsport Fantasy: Smart 1.0 451, 100/130mm, Black

Therefore, it is a natural choice to get a Wheelsport wheelset again for this new Dahon MuSP folding bike. Also, this is the only brand which has a blue coloured wheelset, which is one of the requirements for this bike.

For the Dahon MuSP, the wheelset specifications that I require would be the Smart 1.0, 451 sized, with 74mm front and 130mm rear OLD. The blue colour specification is not so commonly available, so I ha…