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Oxelo Town 7 XL Kick Scooter: Introduction

Although a kick scooter is not a bicycle, some components of it work similarly to that of a bicycle, so I shall also write a bit about it since it is the first time I got a kick scooter. I have many bicycles for different purposes, but sometimes what I need is just a simple way of getting from A to B in a fuss free and stress free manner.

Even with a folding bike like the Dahon or Brompton, I still have to "take care" of the bike as those bikes are not cheap, and so I cannot leave it unattended. I can bring the bike along with me, but that makes it cumbersome, even with a Brompton that I can push along.

With a kick scooter, that simplifies things as I can fold it with just one action, and carry it along as it is so lightweight compared to a bicycle. It also does not attract as much attention as when you push or carry a folded bicycle with you. Finally, I will not need to wear a helmet as I am just scooting along the pavement at low speeds. It is not an E-scooter, so I feel lik…

Crius AEV20 1x11: Final Assembly

With all the components gathered, now I can assemble everything onto the Crius folding bike frame! Instead of writing too many words, let us just look at the pictures.

Shimano 105 CS-5800 11-32T 11 speed cassette mounted onto the Wheelsport rear wheel
With the Litepro headset installed, and Fnhon handlepost assembled onto the Crius bike frame
Another view of the handlepost. Inward folding type for a compact folded size. Also note the 3M sticker applied to prevent scratches.
Ultegra-grade SM-BBR60 Hollowtech II road bottom bracket
With the 1x11 speed Shimano 105 crankset with Wolftooth chainring installed
11 speed drivetrain assembled! A front single drivetrain looks neat.
New 11 speed chain on the Wolftooth 48T narrow wide chainring
Smooth cable routing to the Ultegra R8000 rear derailleur
Chain on the smallest 11T sprocket on the 11 speed cassette
Chain on the largest 32T sprocket, with the rear derailleur cage stretched out.
Setting the gear to gear distance between the 32T sprocket and the gu…