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Crius AEV20 1x11: Shifters and Brakes

On this new 1x11 speed folding bike setup, the assembly is simplified because there is no left side shifter or front derailleur. Of course the gear range will be somewhat compromised, but since this is just for city riding, a relatively wide ratio 11-32T 11 speed rear cassette will be sufficient in most cases. This setup will be quite similar to the Dahon MuEX setup, with a 48T chainring and a 11-32T cassette.

As for 11 speed flat handlebar shifters for road, there is not much of a choice, unlike the previous 10 speed generation. For 10 speed road flat handlebar shifters, you could choose between the Tiagra SL-4600 or Ultegra-grade SL-R780 2x10 speed shifters. For 11 speed, the only choice is the non-series SL-RS700 2x10 speed road shifters.

These shifters work and feel exactly like the XTR SL-M9000 shifters, as they share the same construction. The changes are mainly internal, with different cable pitch as road and MTB cable pitch are not compatible.

Pair of non-series 2x11 speed flat h…

Crius AEV20 1x11: Drivetrain Selection

As I am building a folding bike from scratch, I can choose every component that will be assembled onto the bike. From the Crius frameset to the Wheelsport wheels, everything can be customized.

The drivetrain selection plays a big role in determining how well the bike will ride and shift. Therefore, I like to choose proven components that will work well, even though it may not be the lightest. There is usually also a budget constraint, so it cannot be the top level model as well, it needs to be affordable.

When I think of these three things: 1) Functions well / 2) Reasonable weight / 3) Affordable, the Shimano 105 groupset comes to my mind. Being the third tier road groupset, after Ultegra and Dura-Ace, it is relatively affordable, and yet performs well and close enough to the higher end components.

The newest 105 R7000 groupset was recently announced, and it looks to be really good. In fact, the all black finishing on the new R7000 will really match well with this bike's all-black th…

Crius AEV20 1x11: Wheelset and Tires

Regardless of the drivetrain selection or component specification, a good set of wheels is a must. Most stock wheels are of average quality and are quite heavy. For example, the stock D7 wheelset that came on my stock Dahon Boardwalk weighs over 1.6 kg, even though it was a low profile rim.

A custom wheelset is always possible, but that is just too much work for too little benefit. Besides, why bother when Wheelsport wheelsets are available for a reasonable price? Lower prices can also be found if you import your own wheelsets from overseas, but there is also risk involved.

For an all black look, the black Wheelsport Smart 1.0 wheelset was selected, for a good balance between appearance (30mm rim profile), function (aluminium brake track is better than carbon brake track anytime) and price (aluminium wheelset is more cost effective than carbon wheelset).

Of course, it has to be compatible to 11 speed, as that is part of the setup. A front 74mm and rear 130mm OLD model was selected to mat…