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Tyrell IVE - Overall Ride Quality

4th and final part of the Tyrell IVE review, and the most important part: How well does it ride? There is no point having a nice looking bicycle if it doesn't ride well, as it is meant to be ridden and not a wall decoration.

Previously we looked at the various components of the Tyrell IVE, the folding mechanism, and then the folded size comparison with the Dahon and Brompton. Now, after testing it for a longer distance, I can give a more balanced and comprehensive review.

For this comparison, it will mainly be done against the Dahon and Brompton, which are the typical 20 inch folding bike and the 16 inch folding bike. For some of the attributes that I chose to highlight, it will be compared against each of these bikes to see where it stands.

Do take note that there are many attributes that will collectively define a bicycle as good or not, so we cannot just judge it based on one or two items. Of course, if those attributes are very critical to you (such as folded size or price), they…

Tyrell IVE - Geometry and Folding Comparison with Brompton and Dahon

In the first part of this Tyrell IVE review, the overall bike features were shown, followed by the second part which studied the folding mechanism in detail.

For this third part of the review, the geometry and folded size of the Tyrell IVE will be compared to my two other folding bikes, the Dahon MuEX and the Brompton M6R. This will give us a good idea of where the Tyrell IVE stands when compared to a typical 20 inch folding bike and the super compact Brompton.

In my case, I did not resort to more precise measurements such as using a measuring tape to check the actual dimensions. It is more of a rough gauge by eye, to see if there are discernible differences. If I cannot find a difference by looking at it, then it is probably not different enough to be felt.

Starting with the 20 inch Dahon MuEX, which is equipped with 406 sized wheels, let's compare the bike geometry and the folded size with the Tyrell IVE.

Putting the bikes side by side first...
As always, I align the centreline of th…

Polygon Cozmic CX3.0: 1x11 Speed Drivetrain

I hardly ride my Polygon Cozmic CX3.0 mountain bike (MTB), as I have many other bikes that are better suited for riding on the road. With the Canyon Endurace road bike, Java Freccia mini velo, Avanti Inc 3 commuting bike and the Dahon MuEX folding bike, I am spoilt for choice when I need a bike to ride fast on the road.

Of course, a MTB is meant for riding off road, but with the lack of good trails and good weather in Singapore, off road sessions are rare for me. Unless you stay near a trail or really enjoy riding off road, most people will choose to ride on the road as you can start your ride as soon as you are downstairs.

Nevertheless, I will still jump at the chance to upgrade the MTB if there are suitable components that constitutes an upgrade. The current setup is a 3x10 speed drivetrain with a mixture of Deore XT, SLX, and Deore grade components. All of them work well together as they are all from the Dynasys 10 generation of components.

Current setup of 3x10 speed drivetrain on th…

Tyrell IVE - Folding Mechanism and Design

Having done the brief introduction to the Tyrell IVE, here is a more detailed look! For today, we shall focus on the folding mechanism and folding design used on the Tyrell IVE. After all, this is a folding bike, and the folding design definitely matters a lot.

The Tyrell IVE is an interesting bike, as it combines the folding design from different brands, creating its own unique folding method.

For example, the rear triangle folds below the frame, similar to that used on the Brompton. The handlepost design is similar to the Tern design, with a long clamping length for extra stiffness. Handlepost clamp lever is a quick release type like Dahon's design, which is far easier to use than the Brompton type which needs to be turned. Finally, the Tyrell front fork also folds, which I think is a Tyrell original design, first seen on their Tyrell folding mini velo, the Tyrell FX.

Let's check out each of the folding components in detail!

Big red lever mounted on the left side of the handleba…