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Shimano Road Hydraulic Disc Brake Di2 Shifters: ST-R9170 vs ST-R785

After comparing the mechanical shifting versions, I will now compare the Di2 versions of the road hydraulic shifters. The non series, first generation, Di2 shifter with hydraulic braking is the ST-R785, while the latest second generation is the Dura-Ace ST-R9170.

For Dura-Ace components, being lightweight is very important. Having the best function is also required. In this case, the shifter was totally redesigned to create the new ST-R9170, as compared to the ST-R785.

New Dura-Ace ST-R9170 weighs only 160 grams per side, giving a total weight of just 320 grams per pair.
Non series ST-R785 weighs 254 grams per side, giving a total of 508 grams per pair, which is significantly heavier.
Rubber hood has a different texture, with the "waffle" pattern used on the new ST-R9170 (right side).
Comparing the side profile, the ST-R9170 is obviously lower in height, which makes it look much more similar in shape and size to the other Dura-Ace road shifters.
Dura-Ace ST-R9170 is lower in heigh…

Shimano Road Hydraulic Disc Brake Mechanical Shifters: ST-R9120 vs ST-RS685

There has been two generations of road hydraulic shifters, with the first being non series, and the latest being part of the Dura-Ace series. For the mechanical shifting version, the first generation ST-RS685 is now used on many cyclocross bikes or road hydraulic disc bikes. The improved, second generation version is the Dura-Ace ST-R9120 which is engineered to be more lightweight.

ST-RS685 weighs 324 grams per side, giving a weight of 648 grams per pair. This is heavy, mainly due to the aluminium Bracket.
ST-R9120 is lighter in weight, weighing 265 grams per side, for a total weight of 530 grams per pair.
Release lever of ST-R9120 on the right has been slightly increased in size for easier activation.
ST-RS685 on the left is non series, with the Shimano logo on the lever. The new ST-R9120 on the right has the Dura-Ace logo, with a superior surface finishing.
View from the front shows that the curve of the lever is similar, but the ST-R9120 has a slightly wider lever shape near the top.


Shimano Dura-Ace Road Hydraulic Mechanical Shifter ST-R9120

Road hydraulic disc has been gaining popularity in the recent years. With improved braking performance and modulation, it is no wonder that more riders are choosing to go with hydraulic disc brakes instead of conventional caliper rim brakes.

As such, the types of road shifters used must also evolve to match the new braking system. There are two types of shifting systems: Mechanical shifting which uses steel inner cables to activate the front and rear derailleurs, and electronic shifting that uses electrical signals to activate the motors in the front and rear electronic derailleurs.

Today's post will be about mechanical shifting together with hydraulic disc brakes. For such a road shifter, it will need to incorporate the shifting mechanism as well as the hydraulic brake mechanism within the road shifter. This is a big challenge as these parts take up space and it is hard to squeeze both of them into the limited space of the road shifter.

For Shimano, the first generation of such a sh…

Canyon Endurace: Dura-Ace Road Hydraulic Di2 Shifter ST-R9170

There are 4 types of road shifters in the new Dura-Ace R9100 series. With two types of shifting (mechanical or electronic), and two types of braking (rim or hydraulic brakes), it gives 4 different combinations, which will suit anyone regardless of your shifting or braking preference.

The most premium combination is the electronic shifting, hydraulic disc brake version, which has the model number ST-R9170. Combining Di2 shifting with road hydraulic disc, it features effortless shifting and braking. Also, it is the only version not to use any steel inner cable for shifting or braking. Replacing the shifter inner cable is the Di2 electrical wire, while replacing the brake inner cable is the hydraulic brake hose.

These shifters will be replacing the non series ST-R785 that came with the Canyon Endurace road bike. The ST-R785 is the first generation of Di2 shifting/hydraulic braking road shifter, while this Dura-Ace ST-R9170 is the second generation. My plan all along was to upgrade the grou…